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 E5P (now in 2nd Edition) is the biggest collection of Minimalist Mentalism with 5 ESP Cards. 
More than 20 routines, reading system, themes and approaches using your Zener Cards.    

  In this eBook you will find material from my original "5 Miracles with 5 ESP cards", as well as my ESP openers and my further explorations and latest creations with these mysterious and interesting symbols.    

Chapter I: 5 Miracles with 5 ESP Cards 

Classic Experiment in ESP:  Your participant is the sender, you the receiver. Simple and powerful. 
ESP Dowsing: Your participant feels strange thing with a pendulum and 5 ESP Cards, finding a specific one as if a dowser in the desert.  
Participant as Mindreader: What happen if the sender is the performer and the receiver is the participant? Well …  
Participant as Mindreader Performer: For a strange moment, your participant reads the thought of another person?  
TOT: Your participant strangely enough completely forgot which symbol he looked at.      

Chapter II: ESP Openers   

ESPeriment #1 
ESPeriment #2  
ESPeriment #3  
Essay: YOU are the opener  
ESP No Chair Test: A fun “chair test” style routine for parlor/stage routine just with your 5 ESP cards  
More ideas about ESP Openers      

Chapter III: 5 MORE Miracles with 5 ESP Card  

BelievESP: A thought of ESP symbol is revealed to show how believing is seeing.  
ESP Dowsing 2.0: Intuitive decisions with a pendulum and the ESP symbols, ending with a complete intuitive matching.  
ESPrognostication: Hand out your business card predicting always your participant freely chosen decisions.  
Dimensional Zenner:  Direct mindreading with your ESP cards and some billets.  
Your New Twin: A fun and dynamic presentation regarding Doppelganger. Mindreading and coincidences all in one moment of mental occurrences.   

Chapter IV: Extra Material 

Open Prediction 5 ESP: Predict the random order of the 5 ESP symbols in an open manner.  
ESPendulm Prediction: A new and strange covert “open prediction” routine with 5 ESP cards. 
Dermovisionist: Let your participant see with his fingertips!    

Chapter V: New Explorations    

Perfect E5P Opener: From a velvet bag you take your 5 ESP Cards. Your participant names ANY of the ESP symbols (NO Forces). From the bag you remove a written business card with the named symbol AND the participant´s name!  
E5Pmancy: A Minimalistic reading approach using your 5 ESP Cards.  
Picasso Prediction: A beautiful way to predict the freely selected random layout of 5 ESP Cards.  
ESPalm: A perfect combination of Palm Reading and E5P  
Zodiac Rhine: Reveal an unknown Zodiac Sign using your 5 ESP Cards!  Wooden Matching: 5 ESP Cards, 5 Wooden Chips and one incredible moment of mind-to-mind connection.        

Very useful ideas and is definitely worth read . If you like ideas with ESP cards this work is for YOU"  
Bill Montana   

 This a series of effects re-thought and re-designed to create wonderful experiences of mentalism for an audience -- on stage, close up and parlor.  David Thiel   

 These are excellent routines that are exceptionally easy to do and perform. I think these make great choices for opening effects for a mentalism show.  Millard Longman  

  I had the chance to read this work of my friend Pablo, are beautiful constructed routines using ESP cards (and more) a pleasure to read and all the routines are included of presentations idea. A great work not to be missed, good job my friend as always!  
Luca Volpe    

  Pablo has some great subtleties in this eBook. Nice work!  
Paul Carnazzo
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